Court room technology uses e-filing and e-documentation with mailings which can be easy and cheap to use for courts, without investing in hardware for courts and institutions, instead many such courts and institutions can use the interface on reliable servers......!!! contact us for more..............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Courtroom Technology - Digital Recording
Solution Advantages

  • Records across multiple courtrooms simultaneously

  • Can be managed from one central location or from individual courtrooms

  • Allows you to instantly playback and review audio

  • Records continuously with virtually no intervention; there are no tapes to change and store

  • Stores audio electronically so no worries about tapes being ruined, lost, or damaged by age

  • Video monitoring feature lets you monitor and control recording in multiple courtrooms from a remote location

  • Offers true archival facilities: archive, restore, import, export, and delete

  • Easy point-and-click interface means minimal training required

  • Lets you use customized speaker labels that suit your court

  • Allows you to enter speaker information before recording begins for faster annotation

  • Provides transcription utility for in-house transcriptionists

  • Offers powerful search capabilities across cases and sessions

  • Capable of exporting recorded audio to a CD for review

  • Offers Quick Start Mode to begin recording in few mouse clicks

  • Allows the judge to make private annotations not visible to anyone else

  • Accepts multimedia attachments like scanned documents, videos, or pictures


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