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Claimant: user who have product and representative liability and are aggrieved by the subscribing corporate group only, its free and paid by corporate as commitment and compliance IN case of monetary compensation or monetary claim, it is chargeable as per the fees schedule prescribed.

Businesses: user who are small and medium businesses and have agreed in their contracts before or after execution an arbitration or mediation clause in their contracts can either subscribe with two Claims up to 50000 USD permitted annually. Any thing beyond will be chargeable per claim basis.

Vendor: you are a user in case of Corporate with vendor base subscribing to this service . 20 Claims up to 50000 USD are covered by the subscription , otherwise they are chargeable as per claim basis.

SOLO: practitioners can avail the services on per charge basis through credit card 
Law Firms: if you have less than 50 members or partners in USA, then subscription permits you a discount of 20% on all charges 
Law Firms: if you have 50 or more members or partners in USA, then subscription permits you a discount of 25% on all charges

Employment/labor: if your employer has subscribed then the service is not chargeable, otherwise it is per claim basis, you merely subscribe.

Arbitrator: there is no fees for 'pro bono' head only registration form is required to be filled and id tag will be generated for 'paid hours' fees has to be paid and id tag will be generated.

Grievance Mediation Service: in case the main party has subscribed and you are an interested party then the service is free; Subscription is per claim basis for either party or as the general terms may be announced at the site.

Notice Clerk: this is subscription base and user based services using which notice for arbitration; notice for mediation; can be sent by registering and then on notice respondent will send response to the same user who initiated it.

Notice Management: subscribing will be sending legal notices through electronic means and publication on this website or newspapers with link on this web portal. Subscription based only.


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Welcome to is online dispute resolution mechanism which provides different users an option for fair treatment in least expensive and most technologically adanced settings at the convenience of your workplace, home without the hassles of jurisdiction and complexity of cases. Video conferencing further cuts your costs of travel and waiver issues


We are sensitive to the needs of those who require pro bono help and fees waiver for those eligible is also inbuilt. is a bridge between consumer empowerment and corporate responsibility.this is a bridge between consumer empowerment and corporate responsibility.


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